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Safe Sex
Hi Guys,

Im new to the forum and quite new to visiting escorts. I think I am just worrying myself but I wanted to get the opinion of like minded people.

I always use a condom when seeing an escort and use it properly. I also occasionally get health checks done.

The question I have is should I be worried if I use escorts because I may potentially catch something? I dont even risk oral without and purely do everything with a condom.

Do most escorts get sexual health checks themselves?

I used an escort recently and I have been slightly worrying about it.


Hi Singh,

Welcome to the forum! A good summary of sexual health in the escorting world is Ruth of Nottingham's Guide for 1st Timers:

There is a section there on STI's which says:
"Condoms are the best protection we have but they are not 100% effective all the time. If you take all your services covered, then you are very unlikely to catch anything ever."
Sound advice that.

To answer your other question - yes most escorts get checked regularly at the GUM clinic, and some even go the extra mile and have certificates to prove it. Although Ruth does say:
"A lot of girls are conscientious and get tested at the GUM regularly, like every 3 months; some don't bother, but they will never admit that to you. Some think once a year is enough! A throat swab is not performed as standard, the girl must know to ask for it. If she's too shy to declare herself as a sex worker she may never have one. And there are thousands of illegal immigrants working as escorts and parlour girls, who will never go near a clinic for fear of authority. So don't bother asking - she has no reason to tell you the truth if it makes her look bad. And anyway - she could equally ask when you were last tested? Hmmm?"

Hope that helps.

UK Escorts
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Cheers mate. really helpful. How often do people get tested after seeing an escort? is that something that you do regularly or not worry about as i presume you use a condom everytime?

worried about passing something on if i ever did manage to get something nasty.

by the way ruth is HOT do u have a video of her?

Not sure how often punters get tested, but I tend to go once a month. Mind you I am often receiving OWO, with which there is a risk (read that link above).

Yes Ruth is hot and yes there is a video of her. If you look here:

You will see her doing a nurse role play session with me.
UK Escorts
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