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How not to treat an escort
Just came across a profile on adultwork, which had a blog and the escort had written about "a pointless journey" (see below). Cannot believe a guy would actually do this. What a twat!!!!


a pointless journey

One morning a get a call, for an outcall to dunstable.

I was getting ready, when I get a text saying.. ' I'm going to make her get her tits out before I let her in '

So I thought.. Ok I guess that's what he wants me to do, so fair enough... I text him back saying 'what?' And he text back saying ' that was ment for my mate' .. Me thinking, well obviously it wasn't ment for me.

Anyway.. I make my way to dunstable..

I get to his address and he tells me to park in the little car park, which I then did. He said to me 'could u go back to your car and flash me your tits'. So I said ' yeh ok then' ..
So I went back to my car and pulled up my top and flashed him my tits for about 5 seconds, then I made my way to his door!.. I knocked, and knocked again.. No answer! So I called him and his phone was off! So I knocked again and tryed to ring and still nothing!!!

I wasn't a happy bunny! Atall!

I just can't believe he made me come all that way for a freebie!

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What a fuckin prick.
No offence to the girl, but the alarm bells not go off when she got that misplaced text?

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