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Full Version: Escorts and AC/DC Drummer Phil Rudd
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It seems AC/DC Drummer Phil Rudd liked a punt or two:

As AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd still faces charges of “threatening to kill” plus possession of methamphetamine and cannabis, more claims have been coming out regarding the drummer’s alleged partying habits. In a new Daily Mail article, various prostitutes have come forward to describe sordid sex sessions which apparently took place on Rudd’s boat.

Last week, Rudd ran into trouble while facing a murder-for-hire charge. Though that charge has been dropped, Rudd still faces the allegations listed above. As for Rudd’s alleged parties with prostitutes, various sex workers described their experiences with the AC/DC drummer. “There were up to four girls when I’ve been there,” says one escort. “He sort of separates the girls. On his boat, he’d have one in his main room, one in the lounge area and one in the smaller room. He’d go to different rooms randomly.”

The woman, who apparently worked for a brothel and charged Rudd $1,500 for eight to 10 hours of her time, continues, “If he wants a girl he’ll pay top dollar and he’ll have sex with girls in front of whoever is there, right there in the same room,” she said. “A lot of the girls will do whatever he wants because he’s a big player – whether or not they feel comfortable.”

Another prostitute claims Rudd didn’t always pay his escort bills and that the drummer owes her $3,000. “I was there for five days straight,’ the woman details. “It’s not freaking easy because he’s hard work. He was pissed off because I wanted to go home. He booked a lot of girls through my boss, so it was good money. Instead of my boss chasing him up, he let it go because it would ruin future business.”