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Project on women and pornography - Real Punter - 10-14-2014

Project on women and pornography

My name is Giovanna Maina, I'm senior research fellow at the University of Sunderland (UK) and I am joint editor of the Journal Porn Studies ( for the Forum section.

I am currently working on a book project about women and pornography. Essentially my research aims at challenging the stereotypes about the relationship between women and pornography... in particular, I am trying to put the notions of "objectification" and "empowerment" into question, first of all investigating the ways in which women are represented in pornographic texts (their bodies and pleasures, but also the way they act, perform, talk, address the viewers...).

The most important part of my project will be focused on interviews with women inside the industry: basically I would like to talk to people about their experiences of pornography as creative labour (working conditions, everyday experience, but also what spaces for their self expression or artistic/creative communication they find and how...).

I am also interested in interviewing male performers on the same topics (working conditions, experience inside the industry, stereotypes frequently associated with working in porn, etc.).

If you might be interested in being part of this research project, please contact me at my email address:

Thank you!