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AVOID unless you are FIT lol Talia_UK - Real Punter - 01-14-2022

This "Escort" (? not sure she really is?) approached us to do a film on several occasions and generally mucked us around:

Talia_UK off or

In the end her reason for not going through with the filmed punt was the guys we use are not fit enough.

I asked her how does she make sure all her punters are fit? She declined to tell me her secret.

BUT my question to you fellow punters is BEFORE you book Talia ask yourself:

Are you fit enough for her?

Are you sure? Check the your body toned with good muscles. Are you tall? Are you good-looking?

Do girls often stop in the street and stare at you - are you that good looking/FIT?

Make sure you are all these things BEFORE you book this one.

My advice - AVOID! it will be a total waste of money seeing this one.