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AVOID: Ellie Louise of Milton Keynes
UPDATE: it would seem Ellie may be controlled by a pimp as this guy keeps harassing me to take this review down. We wont of course, as we keep it REAL and tell it like it is. This is what happened to guys need to know that.

He also had the audacity to say the uk punting review was "OLD" - lol its a year ago!!! Obvs. this person knows little about punting.

Needless to say I have had messages from other people saying how bad Ellie Louise's service is and they would never visit her again. One even said NEVER visit her house as its not clean & a right mess!

Many more commented on how she agreed to services before the meet then changed her mind....and how she always wanted extra money for everything.

One to avoid in our opinion.

Oh and if you are in the adult industry there is even more worrying news about her BB with clients. Go to BB punting forum for more info on that!
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