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City: Coventry, Escort: Cindy.
Holy cow!! If you don't want to become addicted to the hottest girl I have ever punted with then please do not read this thread. Go and timewaste on Twitter or watch another repeat on Dave.

So Real Madrid go 2-0 up early against Bayern and I think 'well that is that'. Logs on to Adultwork and there are a few girls who catch my eye in the local area. Now Cindy being a blond isnt my usual type and her rate is higher than normal ... but £50 for 15 minutes ... well sometimes they are the best punts, especially when on the spur of the moment. I was so close to choosing someone else but so glad I went to see Cindy.

I am met at the door by a stunning blond Czech girl in her dressing gown. At this point I am impressed but more was to come.

She is very friendly and chatty. From the conversation i'd say she was well educated and up front honest. I had a glass of wine with her as well which was a nice touch.

Then she stood up and did the most amazing strip tease ever. Her body and moves were out of this world. I found out afterwards that she is a professional dancer and it sure showed. Her breasts are naturally but so big and firm. Amazing.

She started with a handjob with lube. I find that girls generally don't do an amazing hand job and i'm on the countdown to oral. They are usually harder than my own hand and i'm of the thinking I could be doing this myself at home. However, this girl does it better than I can do it myself. She has actually taught me a few things. It's was a very similar technique to what Ruth of Nottingham did on her video on here.

Even if you wanted just a handjob then you should see her for that ... but if you are a punting addict like myself you find yourself paying an extra £40 to take it to half hour. There was no way I was leaving without oral and sex after that.

The oral as expected was amazing. She has the poutiest lips and the niecest eyes to look at. It didn't last long as I think she could tell I was close to coming from the handjob and needed to get inside her.

She was a site to see on top and let out a nice moan as I entered her. Real nice and tight ... and warm haha! I could see she was getting tired as it was warm in the room so I then went on top ... and what a site to look down on ... the lips, the eyes, the breasts and her thighs and pussy ... wow!!

Anyway I will be going back to see her at the weekend as she is only in town until next Wednesday 2nd

I know we all have different tastes but if you are halfways tempted by this girl then take my advice and gamble ... it's more sure fire than Real Madrid being 2-0 up ... that said it was worth missing any footy for!!


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