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Bareback sex with escorts
For those punters who are contemplating bareback sex you should know that there is a group of bi-sexual guys who are HIV positive and are deliberately seeing escorts on adultwork and having bareback sex with them.

I have seen the evidence of their posts on a forum and this is not a joke. So take our advice and DO NOT have bareback sex with an escort.

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I've seen the forum, what a bunch of sick bastards
it's time to play the game
Could you pm me the link so I can see the thread?

(03-22-2013, 02:30 PM)mike1976 Wrote: Could you pm me the link so I can see the thread?

The link is all over Twitter:
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Reading that at first I was open mouthed, but as I got to the 2nd and 3rd page, I couldn't help think that it was a bunch of guys cybering each other. With them being bi as well, talking like that in front of other guys probably does it for them.

That said I suspect there are a few guys out there who think like that, be they mouthing off on forums or not, and that it wouldn't just have crossed their minds in the last few months. Yet none of these girls test positive, or so we would think?

I recently saw an amazing documentary on youtube called House of Numbers, which opens your eyes to HIV and what it could really be.

I wouldn't see a BB girl, but not so much down to HIV but other things like HPV and what that could do to you. The girl also has to consider getting in the family way, and I wouldn't want the worry of that playing on her mind during a meet.
(03-22-2013, 04:26 PM)mike1976 Wrote: Yet none of these girls test positive, or so we would think?

Would we hear about it if one did? They may just quietly slip away and you would never know, you would just think they had stopped working.

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(03-22-2013, 04:57 PM)Jay K Wrote:
(03-22-2013, 04:26 PM)mike1976 Wrote: Yet none of these girls test positive, or so we would think?

Would we hear about it if one did? They may just quietly slip away and you would never know, you would just think they had stopped working.

Exactly. Either they disappear like you say, or, they carry on working, they may think similar to these bi guys and want to spread? Maybe they carry on and are dishonest as they need the money too much? Maybe they don't get tested? We have no way of knowing 100% on any of this.

But if a guy caught it and spread it, would we hear about it that way, from an angry wife or partner or another escort?

In that House of Numbers documentary they suggest that HIV isn't a disease that is transferred sexually (also see Dr Nancy Padian study). They infer the AIDS issues in the gay community is caused by poppers and it's toxic effects on the body rather than HIV. In the poorer parts of the world like Africa, they suggest that it is down to food hygiene and sanitation.

There seem to be a lot of 'poz' guys on that forum who are sleeping bb with girls from Adultwork, yet there are, in theory, no 'poz' girls on AW. I probably look to the likes of Kirie who has been on there a while offering BB and must have seen 1000's of guys. However, there are lots of other lesser known girls on there who offer BB, have lots of feedback and been on AW years (do a search of bb girls by escort feedback on AW, there's tons). A guy could see one of these girls as a one off, but then go back to normal punting and go for a owo or cim service and transfer it to those girls that way?

So this makes me wonder if this supports the documentary in that these guys are sleeping with the bb girls, yet the girls don't become HIV+ as a result? Are these guys getting it from the poppers that they use rather than sexual contact?

It could be just lot of guys blowing hot air on a forum? One hand on the keyboard, one hand elsewhere (highly likely imo). Also the girls who offer the service may not be clean as they make out? So many unknowns.

The other thing that makes me wonder is reading about older guys who used to punt prior to the AIDS explosion in the 80's. They all suggest that condoms were rare and they never caught anything or heard of anyone who did.

Anyway ... there's other reasons to 'stay safe', even if HIV isn't an issue. Also it is ruled out as all of the girls I've seen wouldn't offer it anyway ... but for me this is interesting as it makes me wonder if HIV and sexual contact is a myth? This is the bit i'm interested in.
i did some playing with the AW search a bit ago
right, bareback and unprotected sex are the same thing. so how come there are many who offer BB and not unprotected and vice versa.
I think many foreign girls think BB means OWO not fucking no condom.
I am not convinced many foreign girls profiles are set upby the girl themselves, but by a pimp. and they tick everything safe in the knowledge the punter wont complain when BB doesn't happen
Some others have ticked BB or unprotected but say in their profile they don't do BB. WTF?
so if you weed out the foreign ones and those that haven't ticked both BB and unprotected, there isn't many left. Ignore the ones who don't mention it in their text and it really isn't that common.

But there again, there must be girls doing BB with some punters (Regs?)unadvertised. or in their non escorting sex lives.

so play safe, assume all girls (not just WG's but civilians as well) do unprotected penetration.
As I understand it the adultwork profile setup defaults to display all categories - so if the girl does not uncheck them unprotected and bareback will appear by default. If you are not very good with computers you would not know how to change it.

We all hated the fact adultwork even had these categories when they launched the site - but to have them displayed by default as well. Idiots! They did not / do not know enough about escorting to be running that site. They are dangerous.

BTW I don't think adultwork is the easiest site in the world to use - I have seen loads of posts from Producers who are good with camera equipment, etc. saying "how the heck do you do x,y,z on adultwork".
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