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Tiffany Divine of Coventry - Timewaster

Once again one of our UK camera crews was let down by a time wasting escort. This is the email she sent confirming she would turn up on the day of filming which was set for Sat 15 Feb:
Date: 13/02/2014 13:36
From: Tiffany_Divine (13) Profile Escort Booking Webcam Booking View All
Subject: Re: Filming

Hiya got your text but phones crap lol will defo be there on the day ill call when on way x

Our camera crew and the male punter arrived at the location at 12:45pm ready for a 1pm start.
Texts and calls were made to Tiffany Divine's phone but she refused to answer.
So beware of this one guys. She seems very unreliable.
BTW: This is why we cannot update the site more frequently.
Escorts let us down all the time and we only manage to film a few of them.

UK Escorts
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Recently she changed her name on adultwork to:


so beware of kandy_xx of Coventry.

The fact she had to change her name shows she had a bad reputation. More evidence of one to avoid unless you want to be messed around.
UK Escorts
Real Escorts! Real Sex!

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