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THEIF ESCORT ON ADULTWORK IN TREORCHY - Wetpussyxxx aka misscheltxxxx

also known as or

Today, Monday 18 September 2017, we were supposed to be filming this escort: or

also known as or

at her incall place at

22 High Street
CF42 6AS

Photographs of this thief escort appear on this profile: or

She took us upstairs into the waiting room of the house that she operates from.

The first thing she wanted was the money.

We explained that we needed to see and photograph her photo ID on its own and with her holding it and have her complete the model release form before we could pay her.

She flashed her passport at us to prove that she had it with her.

Reluctantly she completed the model release form.

We then said that we had to photograph her passport on its own and with her holding it.

She said that we could photograph her passport after we paid her.

We paid her the amount that she had bid in response to a reverse booking we had placed on AdultWork.

She left the room, we assumed to put the money away.

She did not return.

After about 3 minutes we heard another woman's voice call up the stairs the girl's name "Nina".

The other woman came into the waiting room and asked who we were.

We told her that we were with "Nina".

She asked what for?

We told her that we were going to take photographs of her.

She asked what for?

We told her that they were modelling shots for her.

The other woman said that this was her place, that the room we were in was her nephew's, that "Nina" was her cleaner and that she was 15.

She was obviously not 15.

At this point we really knew what was happening and left.

As we were returning to the car "Nina" called us.

She said that she was the cleaner at the house and that the owner of the house had returned unexpectedly.

She then said that she had to tell us that she was 15 and that she had had sex and did we still want to film her.

We told her that we couldn't film her but would like to see her photo ID and asked her where she was.

She said that she was at her mother's nearby.

At this point she ended the call.

This was clearly a well practiced scam.

We called the police on 101 and told them what had happened.

The police called us back.

The police were at the place that "Nina" operates frrom, 22 High Street, Treorchy, CF42 6AS, and were speaking to the other woman.

The police told us to go to a police station.

At the police station the police told us that "Nina" was 25, which she obviously was, and that she had given our money to them and that we could collect it from another police station which is what we did.

As we have mentioned above, this was clearly a well practised scam:

- "Nina" takes the money.

- "Nina" disappears.

- Accomplice arrives.

- Story is that "Nina" is the cleaner and that she is 15 years old.

- "Nina" then calls you to say that she is the cleaner at the house you were at and that the owner unexpectedly returned.

- "Nina" then tells you that she is 15 and do you still want to have sex with her.

The answer to this pathetic scam is


also known as or

If you do get scammed in a similar way,



The four South Wales Police Officers that we dealt with were absolutely brilliant.

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