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TheGraduatexoxo of Hull
Report on or of Hull

This Escort answered a reverse booking on adultwork on a Saturday (we were filming on Thursday). She was keen to film and was sent a full description of filming. She would not give me address that weekend. 

On Monday I texted her saying look this is different from normal escort booking. I have to hire a guy to be the punter and I have to ogranise 2 of us arriving on time in Hull, so we need address to plan our day. She ignored text. I sent text again. She ignored it. I sent a third text Monday evening, so not heard  from you, presume this is not happening. She immediately called me and said no it is happening I will text you full address now. She sent full address - including apartment number.

On Thursday morning I texted her saying we were on way - no reply. Should have cancelled, but had a new guy who was keen to do it so we decided to take a risk. I picked up the guy in Newark. See video here:

We headed up to Hull. Stopped about 1 hour away from Hull and tried to call Escort. Her phone was off. Still we decided to press on. Arrived in Hull about 12:15 found Escorts place, parked up. Tried to call phone off. Went to nearby cafe. About 12:30 her phone was on it rang but she would not answer. We went to apartment buzzed to be let in. She did not answer. Luckily somebody came out of aprtment block - we let ourselves in. Went up to her apartment - music was playing. she was inside. Knocked twice. She did not answer.

As we left she sent a text saying she was in hospital and was not able to contact us to tell us that until now.  I said that's funny there is music playing in your apartment. Oh she said that's my friend looking after my apartment while I am in hospital. I did not reply.

I have never heard of an apartment needing to be looked after while you are in hospital. Does it need food and water? Does it need to go for a walk?

Her comms are awful. She is total time waster. If she did this to us, she will do it to others. Unreliable.

Interestingly if you look on her a/w feedback we are not the only ones with bad experience:

NegativeAplomb (12)27/07/2021 06:41 Seeking Services
Arranged appointment at short notice, got to the location and waited and asked to hang on 5 minutes - never heard another thing!

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