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AVOID: Amy-Louise-XXX of Bristol / Rockard Media

Link to this Profile Page using or

Filmed punt arranged with Amy Louise on Friday 21 Jan for the following Monday 24 Jan at 2pm. 

l confirmed on the Saturday, booking made on AW as well so we could leave feedback for each other. Booking confirmed by text around 9:30am Mon 24 Jan - she initiated this and carried on texting asking few other questions. She seemed happy with the booking.

As I arrived in Bristol after a 4 hour drive received a text at 12:45 "Hi sorry iv justed (sic) realised I wont make it on time for that time if you can do later on like 5pm that better if not it have too (sic) be tomorrow Tuesday or Tlise on the time?x"

The guy I had booked to be the punter was diring down the M5 and was still 40 mins from Bristol. I told him to stop at services and await instructions. Tried calling / texting Amy. Left answer phone messages. She did not reply at all. Totally blanked me.

To this day have not heard from her.

Not only did she let me down BUT also the punter who was being paid for his services.

AVOID - total time waster. Another escort also told me she believes this one has drug issues.

Note on "Rockard Media". If you google Johnny Rockard or John Langley you will see a number of newspaper articles. One of them alludes to the fact he may be a pimp:

Interestingly the incall address we were given by Amy was:

The Old Tannery, 30 Gloucester Lane BS2 0DL. This is a block of 12 apartments and one of them would seem to be owned by Mr John Langley - this address is listed as his in several of the newspaper articles. For your own safety we would avoid going to this place - note the stun gun article:

Johnny Rockard does run and charge people for modelling courses - teaching them how to get modelling jobs and how to behave correctly to get a good repitation in the modelling industry.

Errrr....Johnny....your courses must be SHIT! Your protege did not know how to behave correctly!!!

Avoid him as well!

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