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Gigi of London
Gigi of London
Time Spent: 1 hour
Date: Tuesday 22 March 2022
Place: Outcall
Price: £200
Description: 23yo, tall, slim, submissive, giggly & shy Welsh lady. Babestation presenter & porn performer.

First film of our new punter Thomas from Holland who used to regularly visit the RLD in Amsterdam. He met his wife there, and together they moved to UK. They have an open relationship so she is fine with him hiring escorts to satisfy his insatiable thirst for sex.
Gigi describes herself as “very giggly and shy” and she does seem nervous when she first turns up. However, once she gets to know you and into the swing of the session she relaxes and enjoys herself.
After a short chat, Thomas stated off by kissing Gigi on the back of the neck. They soon moved to the bed and started to undress. Thomas helped Gigi out of her dress. Underneath she was wearing black underwear and tan hold ups. She has a sexy body and pierced nipples.
Thomas stripped down to his underwear and made himself comfortable on the bed. Gigi felt his cock up. “You are a tease” noted Thomas. Gigi giggled, extracted his cock and gave him a handjob. Gigi kissed Thomas at the same time. He was soon rock hard and Gigi sorted out a condom (oral is with).
After the blowjob Thomas helped Gigi out of her bra and played with her small tits. He got her to relax back on the bed and removed her panties to reveal a neat, completely shaved pussy. Thomas got to work licking her out. Gigi really seemed to enjoy this!
After Thomas had finished licking her out, he politely asked if he could insert his penis. “Yes” replied Gigi and he did so. Thomas started off slowly gradually penetrating her harder and harder. Gigi gasped with pleasure. Thomas put her legs around his neck and fucked her deep and hard.
They switched to doggy. “You are so wet” noted Thomas as he pushed his cock up her again. “So tight” said Thomas as he fucked her hard. He was in danger of cumming in such a lovely pussy. Boy was he enjoying this 23 year olds sexy tight body. From the noises Gigi was making it sounded like she was enjoying herself as well.
When Thomas tired, he asked for another blowjob. Gigi was happy to oblige. As soon as he was rock hard again Gigi climbed on top and fucked him cowgirl. Thomas also asked her to turn around in this position so he could check out her sexy bottom as she bounced up and down on his cock.
Thomas could not hold on much longer and they agreed he could come over Gigi’s pretty face. She made herself comfortable on the bed and Thomas straddled her. A quick handjob and that was it. He shot his hot sticky white come all up her face and on to her faux red hair. It made a right mess. I am sure Gigi would have giggled if she could but a massive blob of cum was resting right across her lips. Fantastic ending to a good punt.

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