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AVOID: Ellie Louise of Milton Keynes
Twice we have tried to book in with Ellie Louise of Milton Keynes and twice she has cancelled at last minute. On the second occasion she contacted us to be filmed! In my intro video in VIP area I sarcastically said she is "reassuringly expensive" and she is  - £250 to £300 per hour (depending on her mood) for MK. It would be fine is she could actually be bothered to work but she can't. 

As well as being an Escort Ellie says she is a "model". However many people in UK Adult Industry say she is totally unreliable. There is a well-known Porn producer in Milton Keynes who says she is totally unreliable. She has an awful reputation and most will not film with her. The guy who was the punter on this shoot even said "it will never happen." Everybody knows to AVOID her.

Here is her profile:

And interestingly here is another negative review of her:

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