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When you go to alternative Adult Industry party...
...its amazing what people say about SNAP.

...and then you look at SNAP photos and see they let in a male performer who has raped 2 girls in this industry

...people on SNAP forum giving out fake advice....

it really is a sad state of affairs. 

I hear something new is in the pipeline about time....
And it just gets worse....latest SNAP discussion...what time people wank...OK then....
And to top it all...Mark H has now allowed a known UK hacker with 25 years hacking experience to help with the SNAP website (yea that porn guy from MK, you know the pimp).

If anybody signs up all you personal information will be stolen and used against.

SNAP is done.
Now there is a guy on SNAP who does "sales analysis" but the twat cannot see the wood for the trees. Part time pornographer and grade A cunt along with his followers. Yea I know what you say about me on whatsapp. Fuck you can't even think of a fucking original idea. You guys worked for Playboy? TVX? wanna know why? Cos you ain't go no original ideas. Bunch of cunts.
Now producers on SNAP wondering why people won't join their shit slack space. Funniest thing I have ever read. It's like they don't even know they are a bunch of cunts trying to grasp on to an industry that has left them all behind. Idiots.

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