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Jade of Milton Keynes Dec 2022
Jade of Milton Keynes
Time Spent: 1 hour 
Date: Monday 19 December 2022 
Place: Incall 
Price: £150
Description: Busty, slim, sexy, petite, fun English escort in her 30s. Won rear of the year & for good reason! 

For his final punt of the year Thomas decided on a present to himself – a FemDom session with whipping, ball slapping, candle wax and strap-on fun. A little bit of a different film this one! Do not worry though fellow punters as a treat for being good at taking the pain Thomas does get blowjobs and fucks Jade, including in the bum!

Jade’s incall place is easy to find and there is plenty of parking right outside. Although it’s a pay car park the fee is only 50p per hour. Once inside the apartment Thomas was shown through to the bedroom. They sat down and chatted. Jade tried to get a better idea of what Thomas wanted but he was not very forthcoming and seemed shy and nervous.

Jade demanded Thomas greet her professionally. The session had started! Thomas hesitated. “You are my slave aren’t you?” demanded Jade. Thomas quickly stood up and got undressed. He was soon naked in front of Jade. “Greet your mistress properly” she demanded. Thomas got on his knees and worshipped his mistress.

“Right get on my bed” demanded Jade. She started by using a spanking paddle on him. “What’s your safe word?” asked Jade. “I don’t have a safe word” replied Thomas. Oh dear big mistake. Jade moved on to slapping his balls. He flinched and screamed in pain. Jade told him not to move. “Come on you little sissy” she said. Thomas carried on screaming and flinching in pain as she slapped his balls hard.

Jade took a time out telling Thomas to get on the floor. She explained if he whimpered and flinched he would only get it harder. Thomas understood and resumed the position. The spanking paddle came out again. Then the ball slapping recommenced, but Thomas could not stop flinching and moving.
Jade decided to give Thomas a break. She wanked his cock and gave him a blowjob. Thomas moaned with pleasure now. “Do you like candle wax?” asked Jade. “Yes mistress” replied Thomas. She lit the candle and dropped wax on him. Thomas took this better, enjoying the experience. “Well done” said Jade “you get another blowjob for that.”

Jade now fingered his bum, getting it ready for some strap-on fun. But first she showed off her new fuck machine. She offered Thomas the choice but he left the decision to Jade. She went for the strap on and prepared herself and his bottom. “Big boy or little boy?” asked Jade. Thomas opted for little boy.
Jade stood behind Thomas as he adopted the doggy position. She pushed the strap on up his bum and pumped away. Thomas groaned with pleasure. He seemed to like taking cock up his arse. “Are you ready for big boy?” asked Jade. He was too busy groaning to reply so she gave it a rest.
After cleaning him up she suggested Thomas lay down on the bed. It was now time for him to fuck Jade. They started off in doggy. Jade encouraged Thomas to fuck her hard and he tried his best. “Harder” she insisted but Thomas was tiring. Definitely having an off day.

They switched to mish. “Come on fuck me like you mean it” encouraged Jade. Thomas tried his best but you got the feeling Jade could have taken more of a pounding. Maybe the chemistry between them was just not there. When he tired Jade suggested she go on top and Thomas readily agreed.
“I think you should fuck my arse” suggested Jade. Thomas was surprised but happy to do so. She blew him some more then they got in position. Unfortunately Thomas was not hard enough at first. Jade had to use her oral technique to get him ready. Eventually Thomas managed to shove his cock up her bum and he pumped away.

“Now I am fucking you tight arse” said Thomas as he continued to fuck her. “Is it pay back?” asked Jade. “Sort of” replied Thomas. He continued to fuck her hard up her arse. Soon Jade could take no more and she pulled off him. Removing the condom she gave him another blowjob and suggested he cum. Waking him hard this soon happened with Thomas shooting his white, hot spunk all over her tits.
Although the chemistry was not really there in this punt you can tell Jade is good at offering these alternative services. If you ever thought about venturing down some different paths Jade would be good provider to take you on the journey.

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