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Ella and Niki of The Boudoir, Eccles, Manchester
Video and photos of this punt in Member's area of now!

Ella and Niki of The Boudoir, Eccles, Manchester
Time Spent: 30 mins
Date: Sunday 15 January 2023
Place: Incall
Price: [font=MS Gothic, ?l?r ?S?V?b?N, monospace]£[/font]200 (Note: 1 hour = £300, 2 hour = £600)
Description: Two naughty, sexy, hot blondes, one Scouser, one MILF.

The Boudoir in Eccles is easy to find and there is free parking right outside the door (covered by CCTV so you know your car is safe as you have some naughty time). Independent ladies work from this address, but some days you can find a two girl on offer and that’s exactly what Punter Tony had arranged.

Once shown through to the bedroom Tony made himself comfortable on a chair and watched Ella and Niki get it on. The ladies kissed, played with tits and licked each other out. You could tell they were into each other. In fact Ella had to stop at one point as she was going to cum and wanted to save herself for Tony.

After a 6 minute lesbian show Tony joined in. Ella gave him OWO while Niki kissed him. Instant hard on! Niki joined Ella so two hot blondes were now sucking his cock. Awesome. Niki knelt up and snogged Tony again. “Come rub my pussy while she is licking your cock,” said Niki. Tony duly obliged. Niki then returned to sucking cock with Ella.

Ella sorted out a condom. Both ladies got in doggy pointing there perfect bottoms towards Tony. “Come and take your pick” said Niki. “Which one of these you going to have first?” she continued. Tony stepped up and pushed his hard cock into Ella’s tight pussy. Niki knelt up to watch. “Fuck that’s sexy” she said as she kissed Tony again. From the noises Ella was making she seemed to be enjoying Tony’s cock. “Don’t stop fucking her,” said Niki.

“You gunna fuck Niki now?” asked Ella. He sure was. As both ladies get tested regularly for their porn work there was no need to change condom. Niki pointed her nice pert bum towards Tony and he shoved his hard cock up her pussy. Ella played with Niki’s tits as Tony fucked her. Proper lesbo is Ella!

At this point Tony ran out of steam. The ladies got him to lie down and relax. Ella sucked his cock while Niki sat on his face. Niki encouraged Ella to get his cock ready again. She was obviously up for a god rogering!

Once hard again, Ella quickly bagged Tony’s cock and Niki climbed on board. Meanwhile Ella sat on his face. Awesome! Tony was fully revived now and took care of Niki’s needs. She bounced up and down on his cock with enthusiasm. Meanwhile Ella was enjoying being licked out.

They switched position and Ella rode Tony’s cock for a short while, but unfortunately he was flagging again. Ella gave him some more oral. Meanwhile Niki was enjoying Tony’s tongue. “Let me taste that pussy juice” said Niki jumping off and snogging him. Niki then joined Ella in sucking his cock.

Tony was ready to fuck again. Ella sorted out the condom and pointed her great arse towards Tony. As he entered her tight pussy again Ella licked out Niki. Fantastic! Tony got to work banging Ella hard. Niki watched on frigging herself as Ella fingered her. What a sexy situation!

They switched position Niki now taking the cock. “Come on fuck me like you just fucked her” said Niki as Tony pushed his cock up her pussy. This time he really fucked Niki hard giving it some. Meanwhile Ella was enjoying Niki's fingers. “Come on...give it to me” encouraged Niki. In the end she got the better of Tony today. Well that is sometimes the way it goes in punting. He could have fucked her harder but hey ho two girl is never an easy punt!

Niki asked Tony if he was going to empty his balls all over her face. He sure was! They re-positioned themselves at the end of the bed. “Give us that cum” demanded Niki. Tony wanked himself off and then asked Niki to take over. She readily accepted sucking and wanking him. That did the trick Tony shot his load all over her face and over Ella’s hair (not that she knew it). “How did you enjoy that you naughty fucker?” asked Niki. “It was brilliant” replied Tony. “You like sharing us two blondes?” continued Niki “You going to come back again?” she asked. “I reckon” replied Tony who was now exhausted.

If you can handle two hot lesbian blondes then Ella and Niki are definitely worth booking. Great punt. Highly recommended.

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