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Problems with
If you are thinking of using Many Vids to sell content you should be aware of the following:

1) They say they take 40% commission. BUT their sales are in US$ which are then converted to Canadain dollars which are then converted back to your currency when they send money to you. Money is lost in these conversions and you end up with a commission of 60 to 70%.

THat's right you are getting 30% of your sale. Great eh?

2) Many Vids payouts are only twice a month (thats right not even weekly!!!!) by international bank transfer. In a modern, world-beating country like the UK these take 3 days to arrive. However in a third rate country like Canada (which is worse than Africa - yes Canada is that bad an corrupt) it takes 16 - 21 days to arrive.

In other words Many Vids hold on to your money for an extra month!

Why would you put yourself through this when there is a much better option?

This site:

Pay weekly

Take ONLY 25% commission

Pay in GREAT BRITISH POUNDS ££££ There is no currency conversion

Have a button where you can request payment at ANY TIME!!!!

Its a no brainer - sack Many VIds off they are a shit Candain Company

UK Escorts
Real Escorts! Real Sex!

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