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UK Adult Industry Association
Want to join an Adult Industry Association that is:

1) Run by a guy with no experience of filming or has never done any content creation. In fact he is just "friends" with models.

2) The web guy is a hacker with 25 years experience.

3) Any concerns you raise will be ignored.

4) That does not care about health concerns in the industry. In fact one of their main sponsors advocates bareback sex on their site without certs!

If you answered yes to any of the above then consider joining SNAP.
And just heard...another SNAP member male has been caught out using FAKE certs.

Message me on here for details.

SNAP is not worth joining do not get involved.
And now the real guy behind the scenes running SNAP works with a male who does not know how to say no and is an abuser (Troy White, April Velvets other half):

It just shows SNAP eh - they dont give a fuck!

Well done Steve of SNAP for making the Uk Adult Industry an unsafe space. Brilliant work! Sure you will get SNAP lifetime achievement award at some point.

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