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Meghan Labelle at Girls For You in Birmingham
Meghan Labelle at Girls For You in Birmingham
Time Spent: 30 mins
Date: Saturday 17 June 2023
Place: Incall
Price: £100 + £50 extra for Anal.
Description: Sexy, educated curvy British girl with tattoos & piercings. Lovely personality, great at sex!

A new place has opened in Birmingham called Girls For You which usually has 3 ladies on offer each day. It is located where Libra used to be and has been nicely refurbished with several rooms, a VIP room and a bar and pole in reception. The ladies love working there so you can tell it is well managed.

The first time I visited Girls For You I found it easy to park nearby. There are some free parking places scattered around and about plus four free parking spaces right outside. However this time, it being a Saturday afternoon there were no spaces. Luckily there was a car wash a few doors down. They were happy to keep my car for a few hours and wash it of course!

Punter Tony had arranged to see Meghan Labelle for half an hour. On walking through the entrance you are confronted with a metal gate and a buzzer. You press the buzzer to enter and the receptionist tells you to pull the gate open. You are now in the reception area – typical of any parlour you may visit. The receptionist talks to you through a window on the left and you hand over the money at this point.

Tony paid and was told Meghan would meet him at the door. After a few minutes Meghan arrived, gave Tony a big hug and showed him through to the VIP room. “Enjoy yourself” said the receptionist as they walked up the corridor. “Nice outfit Meghan,” said Tony. “Thank you” replied Meghan.

Once in the room Meghan offered Tony a massage and he got undressed. They kissed.  Meghan got her nice tits out (tattooed & pierced). Tony sucked her nipples and then made himself comfortable on the bed. Meghan got some oil and started massaging his cock – different take on a massage but hey sometimes it's good to get straight down to things! 

“Do you like oral?” asked Meghan. “I love giving blowjobs” she continued. Meghan got down to work. She has 3 tongue studs and is great at giving head. Tony was soon rock hard. Meghan switched it up and gave him a quick tit wank. “One of my favourite things” said Tony. “Have to give you your money's worth” replied Meghan. She sure does aim to please.

“Shall we get a condom?” asked Meghan. Tony agreed and she expertly applied it with her mouth. Love it when escorts can do that! “How do you want me?” asked Meghan. “I want to taste that pussy first” replied Tony.  Meghan made herself comfortable. As Tony put his face between  Meghan's legs he noticed she had a butt plug in. Tony laughed. “Sorry” said  Meghan. “Don't be sorry” said Tony that's beautiful. “I love anal plug's they make your bum look pretty” explained Meghan. Tony got to work licking her out. Meghan really enjoyed this and seemed to cum several times. “You can definitely come and see me again” she told Tony.

It was now time to fuck and as  Meghan was already relaxed on the bed with her legs wide open they started in mish. Tony pushed his hard cock up her pussy and banged away. Meghan gets into her sex and is very vocal. Lovely! She encourages you to fuck her.

“Bit of doggy?” mumbled Tony.  Meghan readily agreed. “My favourite”  Meghan said as she assumed the position. Her bum is a great shape and you get the best view in doggy. Tony pushed his 
cock up her tight pussy once again and banged her hard. He was having a great time.

After such frantic fucking Tony needed a short rest, so he went down on Meghan again. This time he removed the anal toy. “Do you like a finger in the bum?” he asked  Meghan. She readily agreed so he got to work fingering her arse. “I love my bum being played with” confessed Meghan. Tony licked her out again as well.

“That was nice” said  Meghan. “Do you want me to go on top?” she continued. Tony readily agreed and they switched positions.  Meghan blew Tony to attention again – with her technique that's a minute or two. She then mounted Tony, facing him at first. Wow does Meghan work it on top – she is a great fuck. She switched it up to squat fucking him. Fantastic stuff.

“Do you want me to face the other way?” asked  Meghan “So you can get the back view” she continued. Tony sure did.  Meghan hopped off, sucked Tony's cock - “I love to taste myself” she said - then climbed on board again. Immediately she went at to it riding Tony hard.  Meghan really is a great fuck! Money well spent.

“That's it put a finger in my arse” said Meghan as she carried on riding Tony. He could tale it no more – he now wanted to fuck in the arse. NOTE: This is £50 extra. Meghan readily agreed and Tony fucked her up the bum for a short while. 

“Where do you wanna cum?” asked  Meghan. “On your face” replied Tony.  Meghan was happy with this. It turns out she loves anal and she loves cum. What a lady!

Tony knelt up beside  Meghan's face. She wanked him off. “Cum for me” she said. At that moment Tony did just that, splattering her face with his white sticky spunk. Great ending to great punt in a fantastic new venue. Highly recommended.

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