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Meghan Labelle of Rugeley, Staffordshire
Meghan Labelle of Rugeley, Staffordshire
Time Spent: 1 hour
Date: Friday 6 October 2023
Place: Incall
Price: £200
Description: Sexy, educated curvy British girl with tattoos & piercings. Lovely personality, great at sex!

We last filmed Meghan when she was working out of a parlour in Birmingham but she is now independent and offers incalls out of a lovely house in Rugeley. This filmed punt was supposed to feature Punter Andy but at the last minute he could not make it so I had to step in and film a POV punt. Unfortunately I only had my heavy broadcast camcorder, which did limit what I could do on this shoot but Meghan was superb and really helped me out. She really is a great people pleaser!

It is easy to book Meghan - we did everything over text and her incall place is easy to find with plenty of free parking. Meghan greeted me at the door with her tits out! Wow! This was because she was already sexily dressed for me in a very fetching PVC outfit with thigh high boots and a cut away section to show her fantastic boobs. As I followed her upstairs to the bedroom I felt my cock getting harder and harder.

I started out interviewing Meghan as I like to get to a know a lady before I fuck her. Also Meghan has some interesting services on offer which I needed some clarification on. It is so easy talking to Meghan that this interview lasted 10 minutes. I have edited it down to 4 minutes 30 seconds for the main film. The full interview will be in VIP area soon along with some unseen footage.

As I was on my own I asked Meghan to give me a toy show first. She showed me how she sucked cock and how she fucked. It looked awesome. In fact I was stunned into silence (rare for me I know) while the show went on. After fucking the toy Meghan put it back in her mouth and sucked it hard.. “I have to make sure my pussy juices are cleaned off” said Meghan. I told Meghan I was jealous of the toy. “Do you want to know hoe it feels?” asked Meghan as she came towards me. Of course I did! She grabbed hold of my hardening cock and popped it in her mouth. “Oh fuck...feels good” I gasped. I have to say Meghan's blowjob is the best I have ever had. I don't know what she does but it is like a wave of pleasure over the head of your cock (the most sensitive part for me). I started to panic. How am I not going to cum? I tried to think of filming to distract me from the enormous pleasure Meghan was giving me. I asked Meghan how many punters cum on her blowjobs and she replied 9 out of 10. I can believe it. She does something very special. If they had a blowjob school Meghan would be the senior teacher – she is the best! I only managed to hold on and not blow my load by really concentrating hard on not cumming.

I suggested to Meghan we do some fucking as the way she was going I would was going to cum on the blowjob. She agreed and we sorted out a condom. We started off in doggy. I had trouble getting my cock in her tight pussy and once in there now I had the issue of cumming again. I swear her pussy is so tight I could have come on the first two or three pumps. I quickly concentrated on other things to stop myself from cumming early (hence the chat). Eventually I got control of myself and managed to pound her for a bit – she loved it. I slowed things down a but to hold the camera and take pov shots of her great arse as I fucked her.

We switched to mish leaving the camera on the side with it looking right at Meghan. “Fuck that feels good” said Meghan, “That's it pound that pussy” she continued. She loves her sex and is a great fuck. I suggested we change to mish so I could fuck her better. We kissed in this position (she is a great kisser and loves a GFE booking as much as PSE one). I had to slow it down several times now as I was close to cumming. Dam her pussy is so good. I could tell Meghan wanted it fast so I speeded up. Unfortunately I could not hold out any more – I came inside her. My bad but she felt just too good.

We had a break and a nice chat. Meghan is such a lovely person! She insisted I could not leave without cumming on her face. Meghan loves cum. I was not so sure I could cum again but I said let's try. I should not have worried. Meghan's amazing oral skills soon had me there and I shot another load into her mouth and all over her pretty face. Wow. What a great punt. Thanks Punter Andy for not turning up I had the time of my life. I have a real soft spot for Meghan now. I just know I am going to have to return soon. I think she is one of those escorts that can be highly addictive. God help my wallet!

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