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Desi Mouse of Birmingham School Girl Role Play!
Desi Mouse of Birmingham
Time Spent: 1 hour
Date: Thursday 17 November 2023
Place: Incall
Price: £170
Description: Slim, hot, 23yo English Pakistani Anal Escort who loves sex & cum.

Arranging a punt with Desi was easy. She works out of a couple of well known places in Birmingham – Girls for You and The Private Club. The later now has some very interesting rooms kitted out for hire (it's £50 per hour) and also there are 3 rooms where you can stay overnight for £60. The Schoolroom was the one which interested Tony – it has been kitted out with care and attention (original school desks!) and Desi Mouse was already on the premises for a few days doing parties.

Desi was already dressed in her school uniform when punter Tony arrived. Wow did she look hot and Tony could not wait to get started. They agreed on what they would be doing and then the role-play started. It was not long before head teacher Tony had Schoolgirl Desi on her knees in front of him sucking his cock. Desi multi-tasked continuing the role-play as she gave head. It was a good blowjob.

“What you got under that little skirt?” asked Tony. Desi climbed on to a desk and spread her legs wide. She was not wearing any panties. “Wow, naughty” gasped Tony. He decided Desi needed a spanking on her bottom. This led to some fingering and licking her out. She was soon very wet. “Is that nice?” asked Tony. “Yes...not done this behind the bike sheds” replied Desi, once again keeping up the role-play. Excellent!

Tony now wanted to see Desi's tits. She happily undid her school shirt. “Not wearing a bra either” said Desi. “Naughty” replied Tony as he coped her feel of her breasts. He was soon licking her pierced nipples. Desi played with his cock as he did this.

Desi dropped to her knees again and gave Tony more head. He turned this into a cheeky little tit wank – one of his favourite things to do. It was soon time to fuck. Desi applied a condom with her mouth – that practice behind the bike sheds had certainly paid off. Desi bent over the head teachers desk and pointed her bum towards Tony. He inserted his hard cock inside her tight young pussy and pounded away. Desi gasped with pleasure and encouraged him to fuck her. Tony has to slow down for fear of cumming.

The head desk was a bit high for Tony so he moved Desi to one of the pupils desk's. She removed her school jacket at this point and played with her pussy. Tony pushed his cock back up her pussy and pounded her hard. It was a good fuck.

Tony wanted Desi on top next. He lay down on the head teachers desk and Desi climbed on board. She moved up and down with enthusiasm. Good on top this one!

“Spread your legs over there” instructed Tony. They moved to one of the lower pupils desks and fucked in mish. Tony pounded her again in this position and she gasped with pleasure.

It was now time for some anal. Tony fingered her arse, applied some lube then shoved his hard cock up her bum hole. He pounded away. Wow she can take a good pounding up the back passage. Awesome fuck. When Tony pulled out Desi sucked his cock. Love a girl into ATM!

Tony tried anal in doggy, but it was all good too much for him now. He was ready to cum and wanted to finish with a facial. Desi dropped to her knees once again and Tony soon splattered his white hot cum all over her face and mouth. Brilliant ending to a great punt.

If role-play is you thing Desi is perfect for the punt and the fact you can hire the Private club and stay there over night after makes it the perfect choice for the genuine schoolgirl role-play.

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