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New website going Live today!
Members of have already been added to new site and you should have received an email with your new pass. This is the email:

Dear Member,

Our new website will soon be live. Your email address has already been added to the new site with this password:

[your individual pass]

You can sign in with that password OR you can hit the reset password link at bottom of sign in page. We recommend you change this password to the one you are using on the current site. Any difficulties please email or use the Contact Form on the site.

NOTE: At the top of the new site is a link to the current site, where you can log in using the same details you are using now. So you can still access the current site BUT you also get access to a new site. It's two sites for the price of one!

Most of the content is still on the old site and you can stream or download it there as usual. In time all the content will be transferred across to the new site.

REBILLERS: Your recurring billing is still valid and you do not need to do anything. If you wish to cancel rebilling just go to the old site and under “My Account” select “Cancel Subscription.” Or contact us to cancel it for you.

With the new site we are linking directly to Vendo's sales platform again (we are no longer using API's), so in future you will be able to control (cancel membership/update payment, etc.) via Vendo's customer console found here:

The new site allows downloads with every web browser and fixes other issues we had with the current site. Also in time we are hoping to make it more interactive and a place for punters to hang out. Feedback always appreciated so don't hesitate to contact us.

Thanks for being a member of we appreciate the support.



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