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Why Adultwork is the worst site in the world
Yes it just happened to me and I know it happens to escorts all the time. Adultwork deleted my profile while I was talking to some of the girls you suggested. So now we will never know. It was nice of them to take my money as well. I love the way they just delete you and take your cash.

I guess you can forget about suggesting girls on that site guys. You will need to email them for me from now on and tell them to come over here to discuss filming.
What happened?,do they give you an explanation?.I doubt that they can just keep on stealing peoples accounts,if anything they can be reported for breaking the misuse of computers act.
The weird thing is I have no idea what happened. It just says my account has been deactivated and cannot be re-activated. I only had like £8 in their so nothing to worry about....but yes it would be nice if they emailed you and gave you some kind of warning. But minute minute gone.

Email them at and ask what happened. My thought is that they have monitered your emails and assume that you are advertising something, that is a big no-no. I get loads of emails in my box by guys, but by the time I open them it says that the member is no longer active. They are like sharks at picking anything up. if you explain that you were only comunicating with girls because they were recomended to you as potentials and grovel a bit, they might reactivate you, they did this with me once. I put my phone number in my auto respond because I was going on holiday, and the next thing I knew they closed my profile down. I emailed them and groveled saying that I was unaware of the rule (they make these things up as they go along) and that I would never do it again, and they reactivated me. They are nice guys really, and I have found them quite helpful. It may not do you any good being active though, as you have to have a balance of over £50 to withdrawl anything, and anything that shows in your credits they take 30% of
Christie, Nottingham's finest escort.
They monitor emails what like some big brother Fascist organisation? They make up rules as they go along? Lol this says it all really.

It's OK I leave Mr Alan Davies alone me thinks.
Yes they definatly read the emails, have heard of girls being baited into taking guys to do private MSN shows away from the site by getting an email from the owners pretending to be subscribers, and when they email back accepting, they get their profile deleted.
I have even had them go into my profile and delete things that they don't agree with me saying, and have also had blogs deleted. "He who pays the piper plays the tune" and all that.
Christie, Nottingham's finest escort.
It's worth asking them what happened if you really care about the account- they've messed me around before and I managed to get it sorted, more or less. Christie's right when she recommends grovelling! Might be that someone reported you spuriously, and they take that kind of thing seriously and err on the side of caution (or outright paranoia!).

And I know we're prone to hyperbole regarding that site, but taking your money and cutting you off without explanation is horrible, horrible mismanagement and as rare as it (apparently) is it's thoroughly unprofessional.
I have found the main reason they remove an account is because one of the girls has reported you saying you are emailing them and mentioning another site. This is an automatic ban.

They do not and cannot monitor emails. If they could I would have been banned a 1000 times over.

If you email them stating you were not trying to promote another site but was infact offering the girls work they should reinstate you
Anybody posting on this thread will be banned from my forum and their ISP blocked for mentioning another website - adultwork!!!

You cannot mention adultwork on my site!!!!!!

See how childish that is....I think the people at adultwork need to like grow up and stop acting like teenagers....
Hey up Jay

Sorry to hear about that. They are numpties.

Did you email them the site to look at? If you typed the full www. they get in a real arse.

This happened to me as I sent through a url to the punterlink forums.

Lost my feeback which I was gutted about.

Anyway someone on punterlink forums suggested ... if possible change your ip address. Go to to see your ip address. Then switch your router off one night. Switch it on next day and you may have a different ip address.

Then go and download a different browser, like Google Chrome.

You can then set up another profile.

A suggestion if I may Jay? A lot of guys on adultwork won't know of your site. They probably just use aw and are unaware of other resources.

Could you set up a real punting profile and sell your pics and vids from your site? Also link into your site? Swap links with the girls on there that appear on your site.

You could then email girls from there and they would see you are genuine.

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