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Pocketbomb - Banbury
I saw Pocketbomb who also models as Leah Lixx on Monday. I had a really good time with her. She's under 5' in height but nicely proportioned. We had a 1 1/2 hour GFE session. Her oral techniques are brilliant - she deep-throated me all the way down to my balls prior to a lengthy cowgirl.

If there was a problem, it was me as after I came, I was Powerlessman despite a lot of attention from Leah.

Well worth seeing although she doesn't see more than one man a day so can be hard to make a date with.

She's being given a seeing to by Ben Dover at the Private Club at the end of this month but I do think that our Jay also needs to get round to film her for this site.
Annoyingly, she now seems to have given up doing incalls. Says she needs to concentrate on her film career...
Hi Guys,

I googled my name as i often do and found this.

I just want to clarify a few things as its important to me that you have the right impression of me.

1) Why did i not see many clients?

I'm not an escort as such, im a young lady who doesn't believe in relationships but had some things i wanted to explore. You guys helped me explore some of my sexual fantasies, where i couldn't do this with anyone i would knew. Hence when i accept a booking its on my terms, and dependant on how i feel. I care about whether im horny or not so I'm giving off the right vibes and you get the time you deserve and pay for. I would like to add, i do not cancel meetings, as i used to ask guys to call me back on the day. To say 'I'm providing a service and should be consistent,' is wrong. I'm NOT a service provider, I'm a young lady who wanted a bit of fun without commitment, I couldn't sleep at night if i thought id given a guy a substandard service and took their money anyway! Those girls are hardened SP's which sadly I'm not. If i where, Id have a salary to match theirs

2) Why did i stop incalls, then escorting all together?

My windows where smashed in with a brick. All my friends found my profile, so as you can imagine i wanted to die! I do miss escorting so so much :-(

2) Why change your name?

I had to change my name from pocketbomb for obvious reasons. I'm concerned i may have to relocate should the name 'Pocketbomb' be linked to my new name. So apart from this i would really appreciate it if you would no longer refer to this so i can live in peace. PLEASE XXX

3) Are you fat?

Yes I'm a woman! I think I'm fat! I'm 4'11 and 8.7lbs AND A SIE 10! This means i have a BMI of 24, a healthy BMI is between 20-25. So I'm safely inbetween that, however could do with loosing 7lbs. Maybe i should escort more? Work it off!

4) What do you do?

I'm a scriptwriter and just started producing. I have launched myself as a model despite my '7lbs' of chubb which James you so kindly pointed out, but hey busty cookie does it why cant i? I have a full naked picture on twitter taken 'After the Shaftas.' Decide for yoursel?

I really hope this has cleared some stuff up and we can all be the best of friends!
The last post strikes me as very strange. Anyone else feel this?
not particularly. she doesn't wish to escort anymore and wants to keep any references to her escorting in the past as quiet as possible.
Just thought it odd that most of what Leah has put wasn't even brought up on here. Maybe its just me.
(05-25-2012, 08:28 PM)boab Wrote: not particularly. she doesn't wish to escort anymore and wants to keep any references to her escorting in the past as quiet as possible.

yeah, they are all virgins....

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